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Frequently Asked Questions

Who would use the Pass-Code APP?
The Pass-Code System is a private application. Vendors, contractors, inspectors, anyone needing to validate their presence at a specific property will be invited by the Field Service Company they represent to download the Pass-Code App. If you work for more than one Field Service Company or Property Management company you will need an invitation from each company you work for. Geo-Tags are assigned to each specific property and each specific location within the property. The work assignment provided by your Field Service Company matches the property only to you and or your crew. If you do not find the Geo-Tag at the property you are most likely at the wrong house.
How do I get the Pass-Code App?
Your Field Service Company will send you an invitation. Go to the appropriate store and download your Android (Devices supporting NFC) or Apple ( iPhone 7 and newer). Since Pass-Code functions via Bluetooth technology, vendors using older devices without Bluetooth technology, a separate Bluetooth adapter is available, allowing them to scan in seamlessly.
What is a Geo-Tagging System and How does it work?

The Tag itself is a 3.25x2 inch self-adhesive tag. The Tag contains no battery.

It is powered by radio waves from nearby smartphones. This means the Tag has an unlimited life and no maintenance is ever required. When a phone is close enough to power the Tag, the circuit wakes up, records the nearby devices signature and geo-location, and triggers the associated server to record the event. The Tag also sends a cryptographic key to the device which verifies its identity with the server.

The Mortgage Field Service Industry vendor or authorized person entering the property will hold a mobile device to the Tag. The user will automatically be logged in, receive address information and, if required, a photo of the property to verify they are at the correct address. The Tag will supply the user’s data and log the person in. At Tag-in, the device records the precise geo coordinates of the property and the exact time the user Tags-in.

At Tag-in, the device records the precise geo coordinates of the property and the exact time the user Tags-in. The Field Service Company controls and stores the activity on their dashboard.

What is the benefit of Pass-Code?

Placement is possible in as many property areas as desired. Multiple tags allow scan-in for multi-story properties, basements, or all areas of a larger property including barns, outbuildings, or secondary structures. Pass-Code offers accurate analytics as well as exceptions reporting and progressive trending data.

All property records are stored safely in the 'cloud.' There is no need to provide internal storage for these records. Data is safely encrypted in the Pass-Code cloud environment, with limitless storage space.

The system promotes vendor accountability, and improves billing accuracy. It enables you to only pay for services when a vendor 'scans in.'

The Passcode system also assures acceptable levels of service, as it validates time spent on the property.

In the end, Pass-Code not only saves clients' money, but adds a whole new level of accountability and compliance that ensures clients the right properties are being inspected, maintained, and property visits are in complete accordance with their requirements.

The Pass-Code System offers real-time reporting at your fingertips. You will always know who is present on properties, when they visited, and how long they remained. Imagine getting “pinged” when your vendor is on site. This is a perfect time to call them and get a live update as to property condition and discuss and bid items in real time. Vendors (Field/Inspectors/Brokers/Valuation) can always be sure they are at the right property with Pass-Code. Geo-mapping ensures no one is ever in the wrong place with accurate property location validation.

What if the vendor does not check out from the property?

A 500-foot geo-fence is set up to complete assigned tasks. This a real benefit If a vendor forgot to check out, the system will do this automatically when they leave the property.

What if my clients require background verifications?

Our simple API (Application Programming Interface) allows integration with most background verification companies. Background checks are verified and available for all contractors with Subcontractor layering capability.

What is the Cost?

While a key driver will be volume the current pricing is as follows: $22 per property for 6 months including installation/monitoring and reporting. After 6 months the monitoring Fee will be $18 for additional 6 months monitoring. All of the key features and benefits above, for less than $4 per month ($3.66)

Where can I purchase tags and set up the system?

Tags, with Firmware and Software can be currently sourced at and will be available at other Property Preservation suppliers soon.