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About Us

With the innovation of Pass-Code Technologies, LLC brings simple, low cost, effective access management systems to Property Preservation, Management and other Default Services.

Pass-Code helps providers avoid errors and liability. Contractors verify address accuracy with each visit.

  • Correct location every time - Re-keys, Inspections, Trash-Outs
  • Avoid services completed improperly or at the wrong location
  • Instant verification showing contractor was present at the property and time spent
  • Each authorized visitor reported directly to you


Our geo-tagging systems is an exciting application of a technology used in different industries, but modified for the Property Preservation and Default world.


Placing tags inside and out is simple. Assigning a tag to a property is exact. Multiple tags at a property insures total compliance. See our demonstration video now.

Cost Effecive

The Pass-Code system provides the where, who, and when, recording activity as it happens for only a few dollars per month per property.