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Seamless Communication

Utilizing smart phone devices to seamlessly communicate information as it occurs is valuable. Managing assets from remote locations can be a complicated process. Confirming property locations and or limiting access to those who enter them is our mission.

Keyless Access Control

Locking and unlocking properties with keys presents many unknowns. Who has keys to the property, missing keys from lock boxes, keys locked inside, who has opened the property, and did they lock the property when they left? There are many smart lock options on the market. Most are very robust and very expensive. Many require a powerful Wi-Fi connection. Most electronic locks are not designed for an unlimited number of properties and unlimited persons, each requiring unique access parameters. PASS-CODE has a solution.

Customize Communications

We offer a variety of tracking devices for unique customized applications. As an example, using our tracking tags, PASS-CODE can confirm the Geo location of an asset and assure the managing personnel are at the proper location. We can also confirm their identification, time of arrival and departure.